Samidoh Beat Me Yet I’m Pregnant For Him Again, Says Karen Nyamu

Politician and lawyer Karen Nyamu has accused musician Samidoh of beating her and smashing her phone. The two have a child together.

In a live conversation on Instagram on Monday night, Karen alleged that Samidoh assaulted her, yet she is three months pregnant with their second child. 

“I have been beaten, my hair has been removed. And I am just three months pregnant. We women are so stupid, we have to teach these violent guys a lesson. I am shocked, my daughter has cried.”

The Star

Karen’s fans asked who beat her up since she had not mentioned his name.

“It’s Samidoh. Someone told him I was seen in Mombasa with a man as if my colleagues are all females,” she said. 

Fans asked why she got pregnant again, yet their relationship has been marred by controversies. 

“That man is fertile. Children are blessings. Love is stupid,” she said. 

She then asked people to start calling him out and stop tagging blogs.

Karen showed her crashed phone, vowing to take action against Samidoh.

“We must make this a lesson for all men who think they can beat women and get away with it. This is unacceptable. We will deal with this legally,” she said. 

“Samidoh is a jealous lover who doesn’t want me to be around other men. He came to my house last evening and I did not expect him. He started beating me and said he would beat me and kill me. This is what Samidoh has done to me. He smashed my iPhone 12 Pro Max. You will buy this phone.”

“Just because I did not attend a family function. Was I supposed to miss an exam because of an event? I was hiding and I did not expect him to come. I was not born to be his. You don’t own a woman just because you are sleeping with her. My daughter was screaming, thank God my son was asleep.”

She urged women to take precautions with violent men.

Samidoh and Karen have a nine-month-old baby together. He is married to Edday Kimani and together they have two children.

In March, the singer publicly apologized to his family and fans after Karen shared a video of him sharing a moment with their child.

Samidoh further admitted to having a ‘friendship’ with the former Nairobi Woman Representative candidate, which led to the birth of their son.

He later told Churchill Show ‘Journey Series’ he is at peace after apologizing to his wife.

“Bloggers exaggerated the issue but I understand negativity is what sells. People pretend they know you so much,” he said.

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