This Man Hon. Kilei Mutinda

Hon. Kilei Mutinda is the aspiring Candidate in Mwala constituency under the Wiper ticket come 2022.
Kilei Mutinda is touching the lives of many within & without the boundaries of Mwala constituency positively. His vision & the manifesto for the Mwala people is distinguished in improving the lives of the poor, the jobless, the orphaned, the widowed & the destitute in the society. Both social and economic infrastructural empowerment spirals deep in himself & is silhouette glued in his development agenda for the people of Mwala constituency.

This man Kilei manures & waters the seedlings of hope, determination & unalloyed vision in people’s hearts as a gift from Almighty. He has helped the poor educate, the jobless get jobs, the faint-hearted build strength & the desperate rejuvenate from within, all in a dogma of building a brighter tomorrow for our Kamba community at large. Hon. Kilei has the anointing of the Lord in a nutshell, the reason he has remained a faithful & a bold footsoldier for honorable Stephen Kalonzo Musyoka our Kamba political kingpin & the WIPER party as an intelligent design technocrat. His heart has been a secret gold hidden in a desert oasis of hope & abundance, that many people are still to discover yet. Hon. Kilei Mutinda is a good listener, a kind-hearted Pan-Africanist, & of unalloyed respect for all. A man who believes in equity and even distribution of National resources in all regions of our country. A rational distinguished Kamba iconic son whose big-sized heart & political policies are fully embedded with socialism tablets of Political goodwill & palatable political magnetic aroma that pulls close the brotherhood spirit of our people.

Hon. Kilei Mutinda’s main political objective among many is to ignite & uphold a robust economic development and growth within the Mwala constituency as a priority, by putting in place the necessary institutionalized economic injector-pump systems, in tandem with the prevailing digital information awareness, unlike his myopic manual wheelbarrow narrative political rivals.

Hon. Kilei Mutinda wants to build the Agricultural production potentials of Mwala constituency by tapping sufficient & adequate water for both domestic consumption & Agricultural production, with the priority being horticulture, dairy farming & bee-keeping sectors.

Hon Kilei aims to enable our learners from primary level to tertiary levels by injecting more NG-CDF funds to their education coffers as bursary owing to the stringent challenges of the constantly rising inflation status of our country. Hon Kilei has a dynamic mind, unlike his rivals.
Hon Kilei Mutinda wants to sweep clean the garbage of evil deeds that have seriously enclaved the bursary allocations fairness & distribution for the needy learners of all cadre.

Hon Kilei Mutinda has the Church at heart as a Man of God & as a devoted Christian in faith.
With hon Kilei Mutinda, the future of the Mwala people is at safe hands. Viva Mheshimiwa mtarajiwa wa Mwala constituency.

They say, “New brooms sweep clean/better”, we must sweep Mwala constituency clean with Hon Kilei Mutinda.

Sir Daniel Musau Katuku (Junior)
CEO & Founder, Nthwa-Nguu Research Centre, KITILE.
The people’s Parrot.

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