The Politrics Of Kiema Kilonzo, The Kitui East Slay King Selling Unpackaged Lies To An Aggrieved Populace.

The drama and melodrama this Gubernatorial contest will serve The Kitui Electorate must win a special place in the Guinness Book of Records.

I would term it desperation of the highest order for Kiema Kilonzo to thrive on a campaign of falsehood, mere innuendos, and outright political thievery at a time when Kitui County is sick; When we are on our deathbed owing to bad governance and misplaced priorities by the Mbee Nzei Regime.

The Gubernatorial contest must be one that instills hope, that promises better times for the Musangis, and must never be pegged on sideshows and Political theatrics at the expense of real issues.

For instance, nothing has bewildered and dumbfounded me like the fake hullabaloo of a Moneyed Kiema Sponsoring Kalonzo Musyoka. When did Kiema have money? The last time I heard he was unable to pay a bill of a paltry ksh.10,000 at a popular Joint in MWINGI.

Beware, of lying to people who are hungry and angry!!

By the way, if there’s something all of us must be on the lookout is politicians who brag, who pose for what they are NOT. We must never sell our birthright for a bowl of porridge.

You see, This Slay Boy Kiema Kilonzo ran a vicious campaign against Kalonzo in 2013 and 2017; At some point, he even told us Kalonzo is a Lord of Poverty!! Our memories are not short Balozi….So how did you become a saint?
Or has Kaguta Museveni taught you the skills of Man eat Manship?

And then Balozi, What is this about you and Photos?
If the pictures you take daily would translate to votes then rest assured I would relegate myself to fate, because you would win.

But Your obsession with taking selfies with every tom dick and Harry that Hangs around you is self-defeating. I fail to understand how a diplomat of your feat doesn’t understand this thing.

But all the same; It is our time to eat, You have eaten for ten years at Kampala and you couldn’t even throw a morsel, a piece of bone to us here in Mutito Endau……come babe come, Bring the loot, It is Our time to eat.

And when we have eaten, we shall cast our Votes to Dr. Malombe, H.E the pioneer Governor for we’ve known who our friends are.

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