“Our Reasons To Support Kalonzo Go Far and Beyond Ethnicity” ~ Peter Nguta

When Raila Odinga said that he is a descendant of Nabongo Mumia(a Luhya), our Luo Nyanza brothers didn’t get irked. This is despite the fact that Luos are Nilotes and Luhyas are Bantus, very unrelated.

Kalonzo Musyoka throws a jibe that he’s doesn’t resemble Kambas and that he takes after the Meru and the Tharaka people but people of feeble minds build a hill out of it.

Kambas, Kikuyus, Embus, Tharakas, and Merus are not only categorized as Bantus but further as Eastern Bantus and finally as Highland Bantus. We have so much in common. For instance, our linguistic interrelatedness not forgetting our geographical proximity to each other.

And for your information, a very big chunk of us don’t support Kalonzo for the mere fact that he’s a Kamba. Our reasons go far and beyond that. We would still support him if he was not a Kamba.

By Peter Nguta

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