Why Wavinya Ndeti is the Most Preferred to Take Over Machakos Leadership

During an interview on Citizen TV, Wavinya proved she is the best leader Machakos people are looking for confirming a recent survey that found her most preferred to take over from Governor Alfred Mutua in Machakos.

The Star Kenya poll indicated Eighty-three percent (83%) of those polled expressed confidence in Hon. Wavinya leadership. The survey found that the overwhelming majority of voters in Machakos would vote for Wavinya over other candidates who have entered the race.

in an interview with Citizen Tvs Trevor Ombija Wavinya said she has a firm intention to serve as Governor if elected in August 2022. “I intend to be the governor of Machakos for the next five years if the people give me that option.” She said

“That is my firm intention and it’s because I love the people of Machakos where I was born and served in different capacities” Wavinya added

Wavinya said voters should judge her on her performance over the past years as a public servant.

In a nutshell, Hon. Wavinya Ndeti will deliver the following when elected as Governor of Machakos:

  • Reduce the suffering experienced by contractors of Machakos by making sure payments are made on time.
  • County projects and contracts are awarded to the people of Machakos.
  • County projects are completed without failure.
  • Hon.Wavinya government will make sure our youth and women become more productive and involved in the running of the government.
  • By awarding contracts and tenders to the people of Machakos , money is available to our people.
  • Empowerment of our farmers to produce more food to feed our people. Hon.Wavinya’s government will work with other partners to achieve food security of our people.
  • The people of MACHAKOS complain of being short changed. Hon. Wavinya restore order and voter confidence in their leaders.


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