“HATUZIMII” ~ An Open Letter to Rt. Hon. Raila Odinga

By Felix Mambo,YWD

Mzee wetu Rao, we know your handwriting… Why are you wasting your resources addressing TheLegit5th H.E Dr. Stephen Kalonzo Musyoka through paid up, boring and tired newspaper headlines?

Haven’t we told you already that we learnt our lessons well through our previous working experience with you.

You have shown us already we can’t trust you,we are still stuck there!…..and by the way we saw what happened in Mombasa over the weekend and how you let your soldiers fight as you cheered on; Joho ,Shalbal and Junet badly embarrassed Mvita Mp Abdulswamad Nassir…Sisi hapo hatupo manake twapenda Amani kama Wiper.

We conducted a peaceful rally in the same county and we hope you are on your way coming for lessons now that ground has shifted…that’s why you are keenly following and implementing our itenary from Mombasa to kwale to Taita lakini Bado hautoshi Mboga.

No amount of intimidation through newspapers,cat play and late night calls will give our SKM pressure to want to work with you.

It is you Raila who branded Kalonzo a water melon which we embraced and ran with it..As if that was not enough you have consistently send out your soldiers led by Sifuna,Gov.Mutua,Ngilu and KIFWANA to attack and insult our PL mara Fence sitter and Indecisive…Sasa is payback period You either support us and we forgive you for the insults ama UZIMIE at 75 years and Upotee.

And afterall,why do you think we MUST work with you?

Haven’t we send you an official invite to come work with OKA in our terms already?

I love how Senator Mutula Kilonzo Jnr has put it clearly this morning at Musyi Fm that; we are not in hurry and Azimio is least in our options.


…and btw Jubilee and OKA could be producing the next president now that it’s clear Central ilikataa Mzee kabisa.

Thank you our legal experts and leaders Mutula Kilonzo Jnr, our OS Robert Mbui, Hon Maanzo and others who have been steadfast.

We are getting RIGHTS in all scenarios.

The end…

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