Kalonzo Reveals Reason Behind 6-Hour Delay Of The Azimio Event; Blames Governor Ngilu

Wiper Party leader Kalonzo Musyoka has spilled the beans on what caused the more than 5 hours delay ahead of Saturday’s Azimio la Umoja NDC.

The signing of the Azimio coalition agreement was set to begin at 9 am and as late as 2 pm none of the leaders had arrived signaling a problem and it created anxiety among delegates, some of whom had arrived as early as 6 am at KICC.

Speaking at Tseikuru, Kalonzo revealed that Raila had not signed some documents and was being pressured by Kitui Governor Charity Ngilu not to sign leading to the stand-off.

I was reading the papers some saying I had refused for 6 hours to sign to Azimio. The truth is Raila had refused to sign. He was under Ngilu’s instructions so that Kalonzo doesn’t get anything. They didn’t want to hear anything about Azimio-OKA.” Kalonzo said.

“In the last minute, Raila came with Ngilu and I went with Gideon. We must tell people the truth. Should we elect such people? Some of the leaders got angry when I said ‘Raila tosha’ for the third time. Raila should have said Kalonzo tosha but was told by Ngilu and the others not to agree to that.” Kalonzo added.

Kalonzo took a swipe at Ngilu saying she had forgotten that she was the Kitui Governor and was always accompanying Raila to campaign rallies. She asked the people not to re-elect her.

“In 2017, I didn’t oppose her because she was in NASA. This time we must elect people from wiper. Pastors, please pray for us.” Kalonzo went on.

The remarks by the Wiper party leader signal possible in-fights between the Wiper faction and the 3 Ukambani Governors in the Azimio coalition.

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