DOCTOR: How Do I Help My Child Stop Wetting The Bed?

“I am a parent of two – a 12-year-old daughter and a seven-year-old son. What worries me most is that the young one never weta the bed BUT the older one still does, we need your assistance on how we can go about the treatment” ~ Worried Parent

Dear worried parent,
Bedwetting in anyone above the age of six to seven years is considered a problem.

In many cases, the cause may not be known. Some may have an overactive bladder or a problem with the nerves and muscles in the bladder.

There are two kinds of treatment — behavior therapy and the use of medication. She needs to take adequate amounts of water during the day so that she is not thirsty in the evening. She should also make a habit of using the toilet regularly during the day, every two to three hours.

She should avoid taking large amounts of liquid after 6 pm and be sure to use the toilet just before going to bed. You can use an alarm to wake her up once or twice during the night so that she can go to the toilet. The timing of the alarm should be adjusted to just before she wets the bed. It might take some time to get the timing right, and patience is needed.

Once she is used to this, she can manage herself, and usually within three months, she should be able to stay dry most nights. She needs to be reviewed by a doctor every few months until she is well. If the above measures do not work, she can also be started on medication to help “strengthen” the bladder muscles.

The most important thing for you and your daughter is to believe that she can get dry and to maintain a positive attitude. Punishment and scolding do not help at all. She will need constant affirmation and celebration of every victory.

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