Wavinya Ndeti Giving Machakos Gubernatorial Aspirants Nightmares Over Her Strong Wave of Stronghold

As the clock ticks towards the August 2022 general elections, Machakos County gubernatorial race is shaping up to be the battle of titans. Again, the 2022 Machakos gubernatorial contest is one of the interesting ones that many are eagerly waiting to see. It is anticipated that the contest will feature county political heavyweights. Many have thrown their hats into the race and are believed to be formidable politically, financially and have a good number of supporters on their sides.

Machakos County Governor Dr. Alfred Mutua is serving his second and last term in office as per the constitution but is bound to be a major player in the gubernatorial race. His choice of a successor will not be an easy sale, though many of these candidates have experience in politics and they have knowledge on how to move crowds despite any political wave.

Despite challenges, Wiper leader Kalonzo Musyoka’s party will be eyeing to take over the seat from Mutua’s Maendeleo Chap Chap party after losing it in 2017. This means that the race will be tough for both parties as they have a good number of supporters in the county and this will rekindle their political enmity on the ground.

Those who have publicly shown interest include Former Chief Administrative Secretary (CAS) for Transport Wavinya Ndeti, former Machakos Senator Johnston Muthama, Machakos Deputy Governor Francis Maliti, Machakos County Assembly Speaker Florence Mwangangi, Mavoko Mp Patrick Makau, and Recently Former Statehouse Chief of Staff Nzioka Waita

The Mavoko legislator is said to be extremely unpopular across 8 Machakos sub-counties. Makau resigned as a banker in 2002 to join active politics. He was elected as the Athi River Councillor in 2002 and later Mavoko MP in 2013 & 2017 on a Wiper Party ticket.

Machakos County which is believed to be Ukambani Wiper Party stronghold, CAS Wavinya Ndeti has maintained the care of its popularity since 2017 even after Dr. Mutua was hardly Pronounced the winner. Dr. Mutua garnered 249, 603 against Ndeti’s 209, 141 votes. The imminent threat of all the candidates contesting for the Machakos gubernatorial seat at the moment remains Wavinya Ndeti who will be attempting to seize the seat for her third time. At the moment, the fire-spitting Former CAS, Ms. Ndeti has an upper hand because the people of Machakos have not forgotten about her.

Wavinya Ndeti who is considered the most popular across all 8 Machakos sub-counties remains the favorite and most preferred Governor for the majority of Machakos electorates. In a recent poll by Infotrak Company, Ms. Ndeti emerged winner at 76% leading in all sub-counties, a performance that was congratulated by Wiper Party leader H.E Kalonzo Musyoka.

Machakos County Assembly Speaker Florence Mwangangi would not have the muscles to shake Ms. Ndeti because she has not built herself and she would be ‘green’ in the political war. However, Ms. Mwangangi who is serving her first term as Speaker, says she is confident of clinching the coveted seat after the exit of the current Governor, Dr. Alfred Mutua, going with her handling of the house business which has seen the passage of several key legislations, including the Climate and Finance Bill a month ago.

Ms. Ndeti, Ms. Mwangangi and Mavoko MP Patrick Makau are members of Wiper Party. All coming from the Populus Mavoko constituency, Ms. Ndeti will have an advantage because she is well known inside and outside Mavoko for having campaigned in the whole County for the last two general elections.

Machakos Deputy Governor, Francis Maliti will have a hard time marketing himself because the people of Machakos will demand some details concerning his experience in politics. According to the electorate, Eng. Maliti is a soft-spoken leader who can be empowered to deliver in the future.

Machakos ex-senator Johnston Muthama seems to have bowed out of the game after his ex-wife entered politics. The ground has gained trust with Ms. Ndeti because from the look of things she has been in the game for quite some time.

Nzioka Waita is considered a stranger in Machakos with many criticizing him for lacking good command of the Kamba language. Residents say Waita cant relate to the challenges facing Machakos people thus he can’t make a good Governor!!


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