There is an old saying that goes, old women tremble when bones are mentioned! Why is this important to Hon. Kaki Nyamai. She is trembling because now land matters are being mentioned in Kitui South because of scams she continues to run in the Constituency


The MP and her masters have swindled the compensation of her poor electorate.The land owners pay KShs 7,000 for an acre of land in this era! Even a barren rock would fetch more!

Rachael Nyamai is the Chairperson of the National Assembly Lands Committee but her people are fleeced mercilessly by her heinous masters.

These voters ‘installed’ Hon. Nyamai as the Chairperson of the lands committee BUT like a vulture after its own dying people, she still went ahead to betray her own people when the Chinese contractors wanted to start a ballast quarry. How much did you pursue for the people to be paid? Kshs 1,000 for each family!? Are you reasonable? We understand even after the Land Commission agreed with the people on how much they will be paid, you went ahead to interfere with the set compensation rates.


When Dangote wanted to set up a cement factory in Kitui South, you rushed to buy land from unsuspecting villagers.

You bought under your relatives names, workers and other innocent poor people to acquire as much land as you could. You brought outsiders to rob your people by offering the lowest land rates on earth.

How much were you paying the poor villagers? Kshs 10,000 per acre. Is this what you are elected for?


You are on record pushing for the allocation and sub-division of this precious game reserve of Kitui. Why? So you can do a ‘Mau Forest’ and allocate your masters Kitui land.

As the Chairperson of the Land Committee why would you be on the forefront to steal your own peoples land?

Hon. Kaki, we know why you are trembling when now land adjudication and titling programs are mentioned. You will be exposed for who you are! A land baron, who instead of protecting the interests of her people, is busy dining with the grabbers who are impoverishing Kitui South people.

As the Chairperson of the Lands Committee, why haven’t you pushed the Government to resolve the unending disputes?

As the Chairperson of the Lands Committee why haven’t you summoned the CS or even PS to give you a road map of how to resolve land disputes in your area of jurisdiction if you can’t manage in the whole of Kitui County?

Mheshimiwa the trembling has only began, thunder is about to hit you when the voters of Kitui South discover how you have been scamming them of their ancestral land because they have no titles to their land. Trust me this will shake you to shame.

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